Another Na-No-Wri-Mo

So another Halloween has passed. I’ve posted a couple of pictures for you.

Now I’m into Na-No-Wri-Mo and am counting down my 50, 000 words for November. Since I have never won this goal, I am determined to finish my Steampunk novel I have been working off and on for the past few years. Hopefully this year it will get finished! Wish me luck for no distractions and for will power to get the job done! I need it!

I must say, I have planned a little bit better than past years, My Preptober wasn’t as intense as it could have been, but I did make a more user-friendly calendar that is targeting my hours available more positively than in past years. With two big birthday parties to celebrate and my first Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrator’s (SCBWI) conference to attend all day next Sunday, on top of work and home duties, it will be an intense month. I have already knocked off the list of events, my Ten Penners meeting yesterday (which we discussed and worked on Na-No-Wri-Mo), and my daughter’s uni exhibit that was very interesting and entertaining last Friday night. One proud mummy here.

I’m very excited to be attending the SCBWI conference next week. I booked a spot for a manuscript appraisal and at the moment I’m very interested in the feedback. However, next week, I will probably have a plethora of emotional states running through me in anticipation! We shall see.

Have a great week everyone! – Marion


Well for yet another year I am attempting to beat the 50,000 word goal for Na No Wri Mo! Or National Novel Writing Month, which is actually worldwide these days! This year, dare I say, I am determined to get there!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to tie up loose ends that may keep me from getting distracted. It’s not the best month, honestly, the month before Christmas! Year end preparations for work or school, thankfully my daughter is in uni now and we don’t have those end of year commitments. My daughter and I had fun making cute Halloween biscuits and giving out lollies to the trick or treaters tonight as you can see from our photo’s.

I think my state of mind will be more focused now, as long as I keep away from the television and Facebook! Lucky for me I have finished season 3 of Lucifer and binged on The Vampire Diaries over 4 or 5 weeks, didn’t realise what I was missing! Now I’m in the middle of Downton Abbey, but I can put that aside to write and catch the rest later.

So please wish me luck as I step into November’s abyss of words and make my creation of 50K plus words of pretty OK reading. If the goal is achieved, I will be happily editing over Christmas and looking forward to sending my baby in the the big wide world for the New Year! I just love dreaming. Now to make it a reality! 🙂

Catch up time.

A bit of a catch up … it has, yet again, been quite a while since my last blog post but I have been busy, though not all writing. Here’s some of my highlights.

29th April I went to my first Supanova! I had a ball! I made sure to catch a couple of the presentations, one of which was Alan Tudyk from Firefly. He was great entertainment. Love seeing all the cosplayers in their wonderful creations. Hopefully next time I will be in costume too! I bought a couple of T-shirts for my daughter and also made a special stop to see author Samuel Colbran. Of course, I bought his book ‘Lake Merrin‘ which I am currently reading.


On the 2nd May, fellow Ten Penner, Jill Smith and I made a visit to Burleigh Heads State School, with our mascot Plinko to chat about the writing of stories in our latest anthology Mystery, Mayhem and Magic. The kids were fabulous and the librarian Janina was a delight. Thank you Janina, so many happy memories there.


15th June, Incredibles 2! I took my daughter and her boyfriend to see the 18+ session at Pacific Fair. The night time, adults only session was a great idea for Event Cinemas! We sipped sweet cocktails, whilst enjoying the DJ and watching big kids play in the jumping castle before seeing the movie with no screaming kids. And it was a very good movie!

Incredibles 2

Wednesday 29th June, I won tickets from GC Weekend Edition to see the Australian movie Brothers’ Nest featuring Shane Jacobson and his real life brother Clayton. It did have dark undertones but it wasn’t as dark as I thought it was going to be. The pace was slow, but intriguing, it flowed well and I don’t think it warranted a quicker pace because of the unwinding of the story. The writing was good and the acting was good. It was rather disturbing but as one lady mentioned to me afterwards, “it was nice to not listen to an ocker accent from an Aussie movie. They just spoke plain Australian English.”


If I paid for the movie, I don’t think I would have been disappointed but the movie isn’t up there on my great movie list. There were some sad parts in it and for once I didn’t cry but my daughter, whom I dragged along, did shed a few tears.

The ending was great and had a couple of surprises as the events unfolded. I would give it a 7 out of ten.


On the 7th July which should have been our Ten Penners meeting at Broadbeach library, we were kicked out by the library for one of their famous Writers Block sessions. 20180707_122947_003But being avid writers of more than one genre, most of us turned up to see the gorgeous Ally Blake give her talk about Romance writing! I loved her session. She has a wonderful conversational tone in her presentation and struck a heartfelt cord among most of us! I also had the opportunity to meet Ann Brady from the UK. Another children’s author she is delightful and joined myself and fellow Ten Penners for a chat over lunch at Pacific Fair after the workshop session.


21st July, I had a lovely windfall at the Gold Coast Writers Association meeting at Fradgley Hall Burleigh Heads. I won 2nd prize in the raffle – 3 books! “Flirting with the Moon” by Andrew McDermott and also his publishing guide “Yes You Can Publish Your Book!” The Publicious guide to self-publishing. Publicious is his publishing company and he was once our GCWA president. The third book “Inspire Your Fire” creative innovation through authorship by the current GCWA president Ocean Reeve and also a book publisher under his own name! Lots of talent here at GCWA.



I’m looking forward to reading these boys books but Andy’s Flirting with the Moon I had already bought a copy at last month’s meeting and devoured within a week, so I passed this one on to my friend Kate. Look out for my review coming up soon, it’s a wonderful read.

22nd July, our Gold Coast S.C.W.B.I. meeting at Crafted Coffee upstairs in The Kitchens, Robina Town Centre. I love getting together and chatting children’s stories with this group which is co-ordinated by the lovely Angela Sunde.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also had the chance to catch up again with Ann Brady a children’s author from the UK who is visiting her daughter. Jo Sandhu, and Candice Lemon-Scott pictured here with me.

So that’s my catch up, hopefully I won’t take as long with the next post. Have a beautiful winter. Marion 🙂

A feature spot for me!

After a lovely creative morning with my fellow Ten Penners on Saturday, I have had quite a few cute little stories brewing in my mind. However, as usual, housework & gardening prevailed and today (Monday) I was bookkeeping again! Silly work always gets in the way.  😛

This afternoon though, I checked my email and wow, what a surprise! I am being featured in Pass It On (PIO). A fabulous ‘weekly, on-line, interactive, networking e-zine for those involved with or interested in the children’s writing & illustration industry.’ It’s a subscription e-zine so many of my friends and relatives won’t see it but I am so chuffed to be in there! Chatting about what I have done as a co-ordinator for my writing group The Ten Penners, a support group for adults writing for children, which is part of the Gold Coast Writer’s Association (GCWA). I love my group and love talking about what we are up to. After producing our third anthology Mystery, Mayhem & Magic last year,20171019_192841 we are getting back to basics this year, with fun creative exercises and stimulating homework challenges. We always say we are the fun part of the GCWA! 🙂 And that is exactly how it feels.

So after an exciting end of the day. I think I should celebrate a little with some creative writing just to sharpen things up. I am hoping to get one little project of mine, up and out into the world this year. Wish me luck!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


Christmas socialising …

I had such a lovely weekend!

Saturday, my daughter and I volunteered yet again to set up the Christmas Tree on stage for Nerang Celebrates Christmas. We’ve done it so many times now, it’s like a given that we will do it and we do it with pleasure. Waking early and watching a shower come down before we arrived made it a little steamy but thankfully that was all the rain we had that day! It turned out to be glorious and the choir who practice so hard, could certainly give every other Christmas Carols event a good run for the money. I think they excelled even more this year!  To top things off I even had a job as cameraman, taking a prime spot in the front of the stage to film. I had so much fun!!Setting up for Nerang Celebrates Christmas20171216_201656

Sunday, I went to a S.C.W.B.I. meet and greet and had a ball meeting new and old friends!

Thanks Maria for taking me in the group photo, it was lovely to meet you and had lots of fun taking selfies. Only one of mine was good enough to show here. I look forward to seeing yours!

Merry Christmas!



At last, a launch.

MMM Book launch 04112017 002Today we had our highly anticipated book launch and it was good! We had lots of fun dressing up and supplying custom crafted book marks, and lollies as prizes.  I am loving my cake toppers with our logo and book cover, very special.

A big thank you to Gold Coast City Libraries for supplying tea, coffee and biscuits.

We are all looking forward to a little rest, there have been mammoth efforts all round. I really have a great team to work with. If you wish to purchase a book, I will have a shopping link on my blog soon but The Ten Penners have a paMMM Book launch 04112017 001ge to place an order and pay by credit card through PayPal.  You can also buy direct from your favourite author, Bookface Pacific FairMMM Book launch 04112017 003, Big B Burleigh Heads, Amazon and Kindle.

RRP $19.95

But for a short time you can buy from the authors for $15 .00.

Now after all this hard work, I will be  participating in Na-No-Wri-Mo. Hopefully this year I will make the 50K word target!

Wish me well – Marion


What a week!

It really has been a big week. To start, on Monday, Jill, Elli & I went to visit grades 2 & 3 at St. Joseph’s Catholic school at Brackenridge. We had a ball and the children submitted their colouring in pictures. There are so many good ones it will be hard to pick a winner! The lucky winners will receive a copy of The Ten Penners new book Mystery, Mayhem & Magic! If you or rather your child would like to be in the running to win a copy be sure to download a Plinko-Colouring-In-Competition-2017_Booklaunch form Plinko-Colouring-In-Competition-2017_Booklaunch.

Entries must be received by email by the 1st November, 2017.

We now have our book for sale in two book shops.


Bookface at Pacific Fair and

Big B Books at James Street, Burleigh Heads. Yay!

To finish my busy week, tomorrow we will be at The Lanes Halloween market on the corner of Bermuda St & Nerang – Broadbeach Rd, Mermaid Waters. 3pm to 9pm. Come and say Hello! pull up a hay bale and listen to us reading from our book!

Halloween market poster