Wild Women!

GC Creative Textiles Group

On Thursday night I stumbled upon a fantastic group display at Robina Art Gallery, Robina Community Centre (where the library is). My daughter and I were in awe of the fantastic hand made pieces of art. Being a smallish group they don’t have a web page, so, being the writer I am, I asked if they would like a guest appearance on my blog. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Hi Leona, thanks for joining my blog! What position do you have in the Gold Coast Creative Textiles Group?

Hi Marion, thank you for inviting me to participate on your blog – its such a great way to connect with people, much like our Group. Being very informal we don’t have office bearers or a prescribed structure – we are all simply members. I am however, the coordinator of the Wild Women exhibition.  

My first impression of your groups’ exhibit was the life and vitality that exudes from the display. I guess that’s where you got the display name of ‘Wild Women’?

Absolutely. We wanted a theme to the exhibition, but nothing too restrictive. The Wild Women theme could apply equally to us as individuals, as a subject – a number of the pieces are of female figures, goddesses,etc – or as a comment on the nature and mood of the work.

Can you tell me what your group is all about?

We are primarily a social group of like-minded, free-spirited women who have a love of textiles. We like exploring the use of colour and texture and experimenting with new techniques – or using traditional techniques in new ways. We like to mix things up.  

How long have you been a group?

We first started meeting as a group in January 2009. In September 2008 the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association` (ATASDA) held a wonderful exhibition titled ‘Leaf no Stone unturned’ at the Robina Art Gallery. The response was very positive and generated a lot of interest in forming our own local group.

What type of people do you have in your group?

A real mixture. Most of us started off learning to sew, knit or crochet from our mothers or grandmothers. Some made their own clothes and then, over the years, progressed into quilting, embroidery, millinery, spinning and weaving, doll making, felting, silk painting, pattern making etc. Some of us have formal qualifications, our own businesses, are tutors, or have established reputations as textile artists – but many, like me, simply like to dabble and learn new things.

Why combine so many creative works?

We each see things and interpret things in different ways. We all have our own particular skills and strengths. This exhibition was an opportunity for us to showcase our creativity and diversity. As a group we inspire and encourage each other to push the boundaries.

Do you find your members teach each other new craft techniques?

All the time, both formally and informally. Sometimes we will all be interested in learning a particular technique – rust dying for example. One of our members will demonstrate the technique at our monthly meeting and show how they have used it in their work. We will the normally go way, start experimenting and then over the next few months at our ‘show and tell’ sessions people will display their creations. Often they will have taken the idea in a totally different direction.

Do you sell any of your creations?

Some of us are more business oriented than others – I have a tendency to give a lot of my creations away as gifts! Others in the group regularly sell their pieces. If there are specific pieces in the Wild Women exhibition that people are interested in buying, or if someone is interested in commissioning a piece, we can take their details and put the artist in contact with them.

What are your favourite pieces?

There are so many! I love the group exhibits because we had such fun working on them – the bra bags are exquisite, the scourer challenge pieces are so creative, and the cone bags are all so different. I just adore the Wild Women sign which was put together, at the last minute, by three of the artists. We all contributed fabric and beads, so it really does represent all of us.  

When do you meet?
We meet at Broadbeach Library, 61 Sunshine Boulevard, Mermaid Waters on the third Saturday of the month between 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.

How can people contact you for more information?

You can email us at gccreativetextiles@gmail.com

How long is this wonderful display going to be at Robina Art Gallery?

It has been going since the 9th September and will finish 20th September 2010 What times is it open? Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 9 am to 6 pm; Thu 9 am to 7 pm; Sat 9 am to 3 pm; Sun noon to 4 pm

How much does it cost?


Thanks Leona, I hope you get heaps of recognition for your fantastic artworks!

Thanks Marion.


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  1. Hello,
    I am from India.I had visited this blog very first time .I am also writing for children through my blog.Your work is really appriciable and attractive.Please visit my childrens blog also.
    With best wishes.


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