This week I have Brisbane writer, Tiffany Bond joining me.  Tiffany is a private investigator and her first book is all about what really happens in the life of a PI. It’s not kids stuff and I was surprised it’s a selection of short stories that are quite factual instead of the steamy novel I had imagined. Simply, I was enlightened and amazed by some of the stories. Her website is but there is more to Tiffany than just a few interesting stories. She is the Managing Director of Detection Group Pty Ltd.  They specialise in infidelity cases but also do private & corporate work, and as she moves toward launching a second book, she is also planning a TV series.

Hi Tiffany and welcome to my blog!

I was most impressed when I met you at the Gold Coast Writer’s Association’s 20th Anniversary luncheon.  I was wondering what a female private investigator would be like in person and was pleased to find such a lovely, down to earth and approachable person. You seem to have quite a zest for life and a great personality. I am so looking forward to our interview today.

Thank you very much Marion. I’m looking forward to our interview too.

Being a managing director of Detection Group Pty Ltd, plus being author of “Confessions of a Female Private Investigator

and soon producing a TV series, as well as launching a second book ,

The Other Woman,

you must be almost worn out! What is it like to be so busy? Do you thrive on the excitement or are you so well organised that you have life controlled?

I love being busy! I’m not someone to sit around on a quiet day, but sometimes I probably should. To be honest, I do thrive on excitement. I have always chosen careers that are fast-paced and dynamic, and because of that, I do need to be well organised. I still allow room for spontaneity as I believe it is the essence of life.

I was surprised to find the stories are quite factual. Is this a reflection of an orderly, methodical private investigator character? Or an extension of writing reports out when you were a police officer?

I have never thought about it that way before, but you’re probably right. I am quite methodical and matter-of-fact by nature. When I say or write something, I like to be direct and factual. It’s probably a result of many years of report writing and statement taking.

Have you thought of writing a sizzling fiction?

My next book “The Other Woman” is the start of my fictional series. Like my first book, it will be fast-paced and direct. I don’t like to ‘fluff’ things out too much. I’d rather draw the reader into the story fast and leave them breathless at the other end. Like a rollercoaster ride.

How did the thought of a book come up? Was it therapy or did you think you had the seeds of a bestseller?

I wrote my first book as a result of a radio interview I participated in. It aired across Australia and I received many calls from people telling me that I had inspired them. I wrote my book for the listeners. I wanted to share my experiences with them to entertain them and to help them if they have suffered similar circumstances. It was whilst writing it, that I also achieved personal closure.

Your web page says you hope the book will help people who find themselves in similar situations by giving them inspiration and support. Have you found that your service has actually made people’s lives better in the long run?

Definitely! I still receive beautiful calls, emails and letters from previous clients who have moved on with their lives because they had discovered the truth. The truth gave them the courage to stand up for themselves and make decisions based on fact. Whether they left their relationship or decided to stay and make it work, they were armed with the evidence we had gathered to confront their fears and suspicions and make informed decisions.

  This photo is with you and I, and my husband Jason and your bodyguard Earl. Do you always have a body guard? Does Earl assist you in your business?

I only have a body guard if I’m going to be at a publicly announced event. Unfortunately, what I do for a living, offends some people and I have received threats in the past. It’s usually a cheating partner caught out, but sometimes it’s someone random who has taken it upon themselves to make their personal resentments towards me known. Earl doesn’t assist me in my business, he offers me regular security risk and threat assessments.

Let’s go back to when you were a little girl, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? Have you always wanted to be a detective?

Yes! I had always wanted to be a Police Officer/Investigator since I was very young. I loved mysteries and problem solving. I would sit on the roof of my parent’s house at night and watch the neighbours through binoculars. I also used to visit the old lady across the road. She lived on her own in a huge, historic three story house. I would pretend I was there to investigate murder mysteries. I was always naturally inquisitive.

Did you read investigator type books as a child?

I certainly did. I used to read Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew and The Famous Five. I loved them so much.

Did you role play from these?

I remember the sense of independence and courage the book characters portrayed. I believe that’s where I get some of my strength from today. I have been independent and strong-willed since I was very young, much to my mother’s horror.

You are a mother too. Do you get to have much quality time with your children, when your life is so busy?

Yes, I have two little girls. They are currently living with their father. When they were with me, I always made time for them. That’s the main reason I initially set up my company. It gave me the flexibility to take my daughters to school and attend extra-curricular activities with them.

Have your children inherited your curious nature?

My youngest daughter certainly has! I gave her a video camera for her birthday a few years ago. She sneaks around the house taking secret video footage of me. Both my daughters have always had an interest in what I do and own their own little voice recorders and spy kits.

Would you recommend the life of a private investigator to others? Or your children?

Yes I would. Some of my previous clients have in fact become Private Investigators after their suspicions were uncovered. I think that women are naturally curious and inquisitive and have the ability to tap effortlessly into their intuition. My youngest daughter wants to be a private investigator. I fully support her desires if that’s what she decides to do.

When is your next book, “The Other Woman” due to be released?

This book has just been sent to my editor. I’m currently debating whether to self-publish again or find an agent with the view of publishing commercially.

 When should we expect to see you on TV?

We have another producer from America flying over here later this year who wants to be involved in the TV show. I have discovered that this industry is extremely slow moving, so I don’t know when the show will be aired.

Will you be the star? Or will you have an actor play your part?

I will be playing the role of myself in the show and we’re using actors for the other roles.

Are there plans for a movie?

Yes, I’m currently in talks with an American producer about turning my first book into a movie.

What is in store for the future?

I’m currently halfway through my third book (another non-fiction) and have outlined another six fictions to complete.

Now for a cheeky question… being in your type of business, do you find you get a lot of James Bond references? Like, Bond, Tiffany Bond, licensed to…?

Yes I do! All the time. It was with complete irony that my x-husband’s surname is Bond. But it fits well doesn’t it?

Thanks for visiting Tiffany. I have really enjoyed having you as my guest and look forward to seeing your TV series and new book. Anyone wanting to find out more information can go to Tiffany’s webpage at 

Thank you very much Marion for this delightful interview. It’s been fun. I would like to end with a quote that I am so passionate about that I had it tattooed on my back: “Live as Though Heaven is on Earth x”.


2 responses to “BOND….Tiffany…Bond

  1. What a great interview. I bought Tiffany’s book at he GCW Literary Luncheon and was silly enough not to get her to sign it. So I must see if I can catch up with her another time to remedy this. Sounds like she lives life to the full. Thanks Marion for showcasing another great writer.


  2. Nice and impressive interview of Tiffany—it’s giving all futre plans and all information about her —interesting.
    Best wishes.


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