At last, a launch.

MMM Book launch 04112017 002Today we had our highly anticipated book launch and it was good! We had lots of fun dressing up and supplying custom crafted book marks, and lollies as prizes.  I am loving my cake toppers with our logo and book cover, very special.

A big thank you to Gold Coast City Libraries for supplying tea, coffee and biscuits.

We are all looking forward to a little rest, there have been mammoth efforts all round. I really have a great team to work with. If you wish to purchase a book, I will have a shopping link on my blog soon but The Ten Penners have a paMMM Book launch 04112017 001ge to place an order and pay by credit card through PayPal.  You can also buy direct from your favourite author, Bookface Pacific FairMMM Book launch 04112017 003, Big B Burleigh Heads, Amazon and Kindle.

RRP $19.95

But for a short time you can buy from the authors for $15 .00.

Now after all this hard work, I will be  participating in Na-No-Wri-Mo. Hopefully this year I will make the 50K word target!

Wish me well – Marion



One response to “At last, a launch.

  1. Hi Marion, Thanks for the heads up about the cake decoration, I’ll give it to my co-worker tomorrow. Keep going with NaNoWriMo! Who knows where it’ll lead you? Hugs Jill


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