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Well for yet another year I am attempting to beat the 50,000 word goal for Na No Wri Mo! Or National Novel Writing Month, which is actually worldwide these days! This year, dare I say, I am determined to get there!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to tie up loose ends that may keep me from getting distracted. It’s not the best month, honestly, the month before Christmas! Year end preparations for work or school, thankfully my daughter is in uni now and we don’t have those end of year commitments. My daughter and I had fun making cute Halloween biscuits and giving out lollies to the trick or treaters tonight as you can see from our photo’s.

I think my state of mind will be more focused now, as long as I keep away from the television and Facebook! Lucky for me I have finished season 3 of Lucifer and binged on The Vampire Diaries over 4 or 5 weeks, didn’t realise what I was missing! Now I’m in the middle of Downton Abbey, but I can put that aside to write and catch the rest later.

So please wish me luck as I step into November’s abyss of words and make my creation of 50K plus words of pretty OK reading. If the goal is achieved, I will be happily editing over Christmas and looking forward to sending my baby in the the big wide world for the New Year! I just love dreaming. Now to make it a reality! 🙂