Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hello world!

Yay, I have finally set up a web blog site after much deliberation on which type would suit me best. Now all I need to do is remember to write on a regular basis. Maybe it is something I shouldn’t do when I am so busy but I have to get these stories out of my head and get them to a publisher.

I have had two books published, both with my writing group The Ten Penners, we are a sub group of the Gold Coast Writers Association. Our book FAN-TAS-TIC-AL TALES, is the second anthology I have been involved in. The Ten Penners began in 2004, when ten members, embarked upon the first book titled “SHOCK! HORROR! GASP!” From that moment on our group was called The Ten Penners. Being in the children’s horror genre, we launched the book in October 2004. After a successful distribution of the run, we decided not to do any further runs and carried on as a humble creative writing group within the association, and performing in school writing workshops from time to time. That is until 2008, when some showed interest in producing another book. It took 11 months and more movement with members and we had eight fantastical women with drive and enthusiasm to proceed with the task and on the 16th May 2009, we launched “FAN-TAS-TIC-AL TALES!” It was a fantastic team effort! 

For those interested in purchasing a copy of the book…it has a RRP of $24.95, but we have a special price of $19.95 from the authors. Contact . Riverbend books and cafe at Bulimba in Brisbane, Queensland, also stock copies.

We are all very excited to be called published authors and some for the first time! This is Maria’s, Jill Ford’s, Lorraine’s, Lindy’s and my second anthology but I do have a very special story, which I hope to publish solo. I really should give myself some serious deadlines to make sure the novel gets finished, otherwise my inner procrastinator will win. I will find myself turning 100 and still saying, ‘I must get that story published one day…’ (haha). I know I can do it because I had to drive the others to do the last publication, so now I should have what it takes to carry on for me. However, maybe someone out there could ask me once in a while..”how is your story going?” just to keep me on my toes!